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Mas de Capelou Avignon - Île de la Barthelasse
Restaurant Labrousse
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Restaurant La Brousse

A few steps away from the garden, in the heart of the pear tree orchard, the restaurant La Brousse welcomes you for your meals.

Nestled in the greenery, the tables are scattered here and there to enjoy a natural intimacy. You can take advantage of the fragrant Provencal natu

All that remains is to savor the delicious feeling of having arrived in a lost paradise, to find a forgotten tranquility so long awaited, to breathe at last, far from everyday life.

Restaurant La Brousse à Avignon
Restaurant Labrousse à Avignon
Restaurant Labrousse à Avignon

Reservation required

Opening hours  : 19h00 / Midnight

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